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Fleet WRAPS in the Scottsdale AZ area.

Modernize. Customize. Stand out.

Scottsdale Film Specialists sets a new standard for Vinyl Wrap on Fleet vehicles for your business. This service has been at the core of our offerings since the start & we are very passionate about it. Using quality & relevant materials such as Inozetek, 3M 2080, Avery Dennison & more, we are able to completely transform your fleet trucks or fleet vehicles. Vinyl wrap is an adhesive backed material that is applied to the exterior painted surfaces of your vehicle. There are hundreds of colors, finishes & textures to choose from. This is a great alternative to your standard paint job, with many additional benefits. Our Fleet Wraps can be customized with your branding to help you get more attention in your local area and drive more leads for your business.

Fleet Wraps are one of the best investments and ROI for local small and medium sized businesses that want to stand out, grow their brand, and drive more sales and revenue. 

We are the top provider of Fleet Wraps in the Scottsdale, AZ area and located right off the 101 freeway. 

Fleet Wraps

Quality Materials.


Why Fleet Wrap?

- Protect factory paint job & vehicles value
- Colors & Finishes that may be unavailable from dealer or manufacturer
- Lower cost vs. complete, reputable paint job
- Quick Service. Most fleet wraps are  completed in 3-5 days.
- Easily reversible & removable in 1 day
- Grows your business
- Creates Brand Awareness
- Gets you more local leads and revenue
- Grabs attention from everyone anytime you fleet truck or car is driving.
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